Websites are probably my strongest professional area of expertise. I’ve built them in raw HTML and CSS, through custom content management systems built with Adobe Cold Fusion, and most recently, in WordPress.

  • Lincoln Office Wordpress site. I've been steward of this site for years. At first I came in and made adjustments to the existing site, built with a custom CMS in ColdFusion. Later, I rebuilt the whole site from scratch in the same system. Most recently, it was redone again - this time with Wordpress.
  • SEICO Security Wordpress Website. Site was mocked up in Photoshop and the given to me once the look was approved. It's generally my job to bring the mockup to life. Sometimes changes or sacrifices have to be made for the sake of simplicity or usability - or some specific feature of the design would end up being way more work to program than it seems. When this happens, the lead designer and I work together to come up with a solution that best fits the "feel" they want to capture while still being practical.
  • Acadian Seaplants Wordpress website. The client wanted a website that went well with their print material. Based on their direction, our team laid out a mockup of what it should look like. Once it was approved, I built out the site, from header to footer and all pages in between.
  • Neighborhood House Wordpress site. After being given the layout mocked up in Adobe Illustrator, I created this site using the Joyn Wordpress theme. I'm really happy with how this one turned out. The dynamic elements on the home page are especially cool.
  • JCH HealthCare ColdFusion Website. This site uses a custom-built ColdFusion-based CMS. Unlike Wordpress sites, building this one needed a lot of raw code writing. I built the front end out from the ground up, right in my trusty text editor. And it's responsive! Yay!
  • Center for Prevention of Abuse Wordpress Website
  • Associates in Dentistry WordPress Website  
  • Pekin Tourism Bureau Wordpress site
  • Rochelle Community Hospital Rochelle Community Hospital ColdFusion Website
  • Fort Transfer Fort Transfer WordPress Website