Hobby Projects

I have an irresistible compulsion to make things. This can manifest in a variety of ways, from crafting physical objects to computer programming.

  • Hollow Knight Helmet Light-weight, accurate costume head of the main character in the game, Hollow Knight. My son and I are big fans of the game Hollow Knight, which features an awesomely adorable player character with a mask-like head. I had been watching a lot of Bill Doran and Ted Smith videos on how to build costumes out of EVA foam, and had been itching to try and build something myself. So, here's the result.
  • NPC Generator Tool for Dungeons & Dragons game masters to quickly create characters on-the-fly. PHP-based program that randomly chooses features from a text database to build a character description usable in a tabletop game. If the user is looking for something specific, like a dwarfish blacksmith, there are selectable dropdowns to lock in what you want, and randomly generate the rest.
  • Spellbook Hand-made leather book. I've always loved books - not just reading them, but the actual physical objects. The fantasy/horror trope of a tome filled with forbidden knowledge always struck a chord of fascination with me. So I decided to teach myself bookbinding (isn't YouTube amazing?).